Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maybe it's not the vaccinations...

Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

One of my favorite parts:
On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average.

Yay for Americans! So, once again, we have major corporations creating and processing our food, profit-driven corporations. As consumers, we are removed from our food supply and have no control over it. So, dose a little of our soda with some mercury and we'll just go merrily along our way. La la la. La la la.

As least I am not the only one who thinks HFCS is the de-vil.

In my little corner of the world, there's a wicked snow/ice storm brewing (do I sound like a New Englander???). They are saying 10-14 inches of accumulation. We're all nice and cozy on the farm, plenty of water, feed, and delicious eggs (7 a day from my lovely hens).

After battling tonsilitis for a week, I relented this morning and rustled up some antibiotics to stave off the spreading sinus infection. I am not opposed to judicious use of antibiotics and I would rather not get pneumonia, thankyouverymuch. That'll teach me not to brag about my new lifestyle keeping me healthy. That, my friends, is what they call hubris.


sylvia said...

hope you're feeling better fast!

I admit it... I'm a splenda girl(ducks head!)

I hope you keep your power! You're getting the crap we've been getting for three days! We didn't loose power but our heating and AC unit was a big ice block that we had to deal with in the night hours. It was smoking and burning up.

Stay warm!

Daun said...

Splenda makes me sad.

But I still love ya, Sylvia.

sylvia said...

back atcha babe! LOL

my brother and step-mom are about as *natural* as they come...and have been getting after me for years....

Austen said...

Hubris aside, I am utterly jealous of your way of new farm and way of living.

We are finding it cheaper to live closer to the land and in a more sustainable fashion. This doesn't mean we grow our own food (I think you could only fit one pot with tomatoes on our apartment porch!), but we have friends with chickens (yay eggs!) and do our best to make almost everything we eat (like bread!).

Just wanted to pop in and say how jealous I am of you and your little farm. If you ever want visitors, give me a holler!

P.S. I'm a fellow jumper-drafie :) My old Belgian could EASILY free jump 5ft (silly fence jumper), and was a surprising natural to train. I loved that horse.

Funder said...

On a related note, did you see this article about how BPA is everywhere?

Hope you're feeling better. In my experience the "better" you live, the quicker you bounce back when you do happen to get sick. :)