Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is This Thing On?

*tap, tap* Can you hear me?



It goes like this. In the whirlwind final days of Autumn, with the ensuing mess on the Brego blog, I stopped visiting the Five Acres Blog. I had 50 million things to do to finish our meager harvest and prepare for winter and foxhunt twice a week and, oh yea, that full time job. Plus, I felt like our meager harvest was just that, nothing to write home about.

But time heals all wounds and now, under the first foot of snow, farm work has come to a screeching halt. We have settled into the easy rhythm of caring for the animals and dreaming of Spring. More research has revealed my meager harvest was actually pretty decent, for our location, our weather, our experience. Some things were failures and some things were startling successes. And even in mediocrity, there is much learned and much to be shared.

So I intend to spend the Winter catching up, sharing our final days of Summer, the bounty of Autumn, and the exciting plans for the Spring.

And to my readers, with their gentle prodding, I apologize for the long silence. I have disabled anonymous comments because of scam posting, not negative comments. Keep the constructive, challenging comments coming and if you are uncomfortable posting in a public way, you can email me at fiveacresenough at gmail.


CaitStClair | A Peachy Bride said...

Hooray! I'm glad you're back! I can't wait to hear how it all went.

Funder said...

Welcome back!

jenj said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back! I can't wait to see how it all turned out, along with the plans for the upcoming year.

We missed you!

Judith said...