Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting Closer

My goat, Jolene, hit 125 days in her pregnancy today. That means she is just 20 or so days from delivering her kids. I am excited and nervous, but I've been reading up and prepping myself to help. I've gotten all the necessary supplies and some completely unnecessary ones (like whiskey, not sure if it's for me or the goat).

This goat was made for milkin'

Her first freshening resulted in quadruplets and everyone who has seen her think four kids are on the way again. Personally, I am hoping for triplets. I don't think I can manage 4 youngsters all at once.

As exciting as that is, and believe me, it is exciting, Jolene's babies will not even be the first babies born on the farm. That inglorious distinction belongs to some eggs we've been incubating for the last couple of weeks. They are due to hatch February 17th and are a test hatch in preparation for our serious chicken breeding operation. And by "serious", I mean our plan to breed the ultimate small farm dual purpose flock. But more about that in another post...

What I like to call "My Bucket O' Wings"

For now, think healthy baby thoughts and wish Jolene a safe and prosperous kidding!


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That be a nice udder she be sportin' :)
healthy birthing/baby vibes!!!!