Monday, February 15, 2010

Potato Storage Fail

One aspect of growing my own food I underestimated was preservation. I spent so much time learning how to plant and grow food (and of course, eating it), that I didn't pay much attention to how my hard-earned food was going to overwinter until I could get fresh stuff.

A total newbie mistake.

Well, if I hadn't learned the lesson before, I have learned it now. I was cooking a special dinner for my SO and I decided to use all local ingredients. I purchased fresh, local Cod, direct from the fisherman at the farmers market. I used local butter to make it even more delicious. I cooked up some of our canned green beans from last year's garden. And then I ventured down into the basement to grab some of our potatoes.

I keep the potatoes in burlap bags deep in a big box so no light can intrude. Even though my basement has lights, it's still pretty dark in there so I carried a flashlight to inspect my potatoes. I pried open the top of the box and saw this horrific image:


Night of the Living Dead!!! Yes, I shrieked like a school girl. But once I got over my fright, I realized that perhaps this was not the best way to keep potatoes. My basement stays around 55 degrees, so too warm. And I obviously have not checked on the potatoes in quite some time. Two lessons there.

In other news, the canned beans were perfect, so canning was a success. But my yummy whole chickens are starting to freezer burn. There are several ways to preserve chicken in the freezer in a safer manner, and I will dutifully perform them next year. So far I have scored a C- for preservation. Now I need to study up and stop underestimating the food storage aspects of small farm life.


Sylvia said...

"shrieking like a school girl" had me cracking up!!
I'm so happy you're blogging again :) and I'm tucking your lessons learned for future need. :)

Sylvia said...

Oh oh oh!!!! I forgot to step mom sent me a huge, kick-ass pressure cooker!! I'm so excited to get it up and running when we move :)

Daun said...

And when do you move????

Sylvia said...

June! Have you been to Bennington before ;)

jennybean79 said...

I stumbled across your blog today, and I really enjoyed reading through it. In fact, I've been wanting to go local with meat for a while now. This blog gave me the extra oomph to finally look into it. I know next to nothing about this stuff, but I am calling a grass fed beef farm (local, natural, organic according to the website) to check out options. Thanks and keep it up!!!!!