Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greenhouse Saturday

Work progressed on the greenhouse today. We roughed out the front and back frames of the greenhouse. Work was slowed because both sets of immediate neighbors dropped by to pet chickens, talk horses, and admire tractors.

My new tractor is the, um, least big on the street, but I won't let that stop me from digging more holes in my yard as soon as the snow melts. :)

Rear frame. A single door is left of center. Ventilation fan is will be installed right of center.

Anyway, the next steps on the greenhouse are to frame in the doors and the ventilation boxes. Then I need to put two coats of latex paint on the frames. I am still awaiting shipment on the exhaust fan and thermostat.

Front frame being built on garage floor.

Front frame completed. Double doors on center. Two exhausts will be installed on either side of the doors.

We're expecting 6 more inches of snow tomorrow so I might not install the greenhouse on site for another couple of weeks. I can still start seeds inside though, so there's no rush.


sylvia said...

you amaze me with your energy.

Daun said...

Fueled by good food, Sylvia. :)

dp said...

That was a completely gratuitous picture of your tractor, I would like to point out.

Daun said...

DP, that is just completely unfounded. The lighting was very complex in that composition. I had to step way back from the subject.