Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Tractor Friday!!

Happy Tractor Friday, everyone. My exciting new tractor arrived on my little farm today. I immediately set to work on the snow.

Here I am exclaiming how awesome my tractor is.

Our first full bucket of snow.

Next I went to work consolidating our manure pile. I had to "plow" a road around to the back of the barn. Fun, but I accidently dug a few craters in the lawn. Oops. Then I got to the pile and started moving it from one spot to another, better spot, about 10 feet away. Very important work. That was a lot of fun until I found a really big rock that absolutely, positively had to pulled out of the ground immediately. Luckily, I had my tractor.

Zeroing in on the nasty rock that must be removed. Now.

The terrible rock in question. Notice how strong and awesome my tractor's bucket loader is. And spacious!

So far, after 1.5 hours of use, I am most pleased with my Big Strong Tractor. The worst part about it is that there's no more work for me to do with it. *sigh*

P.S. Calling my new tractor "small" is like saying Brego looks good in his "pink" blanket.


sylvia said...

*phew* so glad you could get that huge pesky rock- boulder out of the way!

Glad you're having fun. Don't forget to share with your SO!

Funder said...

Oooooh I'm sooo jealous! Rock on!

Andrea said...

Dude now I'm jealous. Our farm tractor is a stupid POS and is ALWAYS dying on us, no matter how many times we have it serviced. Literally, we'll be cheerfully dragging the arena and poof! Tractor dies randomly. Whyyyyyyy.

dp said...

Gah! The tractor porn!

My mom came back to BC with us today and is talking about gifting us some money. Not good because she seems obsessed with divesting her things these days (she's only 76) but good because I know what I will do with it...

sylvia said...

It's 8am on Saturday morning....have you been out on the tractor yet?!


Alex said...

now you have to drive up and down the road and see if the neighbors have jobs. you know, to barter and all... not that you WANT to work on the new tractor- but somebody has to do it! and maybe we will get more snow. more snow that needs to be moved (insert little shriek of joy!)