Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Long Year

It's been a long year since I left Texas. Wow, a whole year already. I don't miss it a bit.

Ok, maybe I miss two friends a bit, but I talk to one on the phone every couple of days. And I miss good Mexican food, the kind that will clog your arteries without the slightest remorse.

But other than that, I am in love with my new world. Of course, as I look out the window on this dark February night, I see it's snowing. Again.

Oh, good farm news. The rest of my seeds will come next week. The rest until I order more, of course, because I now know twice as much as I did when I ordered the first batch (which is to say, I still don't know very much).

And tomorrow is TRACTOR FRIDAY!


dp said...

Oh gawd. I just know that you're going to post tractor porn to make me drool.

sylvia said...

LOL!!! Tractor porn!!

Enjoy tractor Friday!!

Alex said...

you can PLOW with the tractor! yipeee