Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bone Weary

I'm tired. My jet-setting life in programming has left my flesh weak. I keep this list of things to do on my desktop. Right now, there's 32 things on it, mostly related to the farm, like fix pasture drainage and till the garden. I scratched three things off this weekend and added five more. That's kind of what it's like right now.

But I have to be honest, I am unbelievably happy. Once my body catches up to the work, I am going to love this life. I spent the entire day outside today, working on the various projects, watching my seedlings soak up the sun in the greenhouse, fixing little things that have bugged me, cleaning out the garage after the greenhouse project. Oh, and riding my horse. My top priority.

Things are not completely rosy. We got the bad news on Friday that our furnace was done. Over. At 23 years, it died relatively young, but we were told the stunning realization that the previous owners (who occupied the property for 8 years) never maintained it. You know, like they said they did. So the flue was blocked, the burner burnt out, the tank corroded. The furnace finally gasped it's last gasp while leaking oil on the ground and turned itself most resolutely off. Nice.

So tomorrow we get a new furnace to the happy tune of $4800. Close to $5 grand gone, poof, just like that.

But that's life. Even while working out exactly where that money was going to come from, a little from here, and little from there, I realized that we are most lucky. We can pay for it. I am so grateful. Life is grand.

In other farm news, my sister came down on Friday and helped me start more seeds in trays over a warmer. I got all my hot loving plants, like tomatoes and eggplant going. The rest of the seeds will be directly sown, either in the outdoor garden or the greenhouse, which is warming up nicely.

I've got a couple more weeks to clean up and till the outdoor garden. The logging of the forest pasture will begin soon, now that we've got a sacrifice area to stuff the horses in. We're getting a new barn roof in a couple of weeks as well, courtesy of another $4k and some desperately needed hired help.

But for now, I've got a nice glass of summer wine and ice on my knee.

Life is grand.


sylvia said...

no rest for the weary....

Sorry about the furnace, daun. That sucks! Oh the joy of home ownership.

You need to kick your feet up and tip back a cold one!

Andrea said...

You're living the dream Daun, and I am jealous.

sylvia said...

yeah...i just reread your last little paragraph. i see you're already kicked back...with a nice glass of wine. stoopid!

Serena said...

Does Brego like to drag things? I think i remember you saying that he does NOT . . . but you could always make him assist you with the logging. :)

Daun said...

Serena, I have contemplated it. Briefly. But I think we are both better off alive. So I might hold off for a little while. There will always be more logging to do.

Serena said...

True enough. They DO grow back!! :)