Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Can you drop me a note in the comments if you can see the pictures on this blog?

I am experiencing this problem and am at a loss on how to fix it.


jenj said...

I can see the pictures in Safari, but not in Firefox.

rkb111 said...

I can see the pictures in Windows Explorer.

rachel! said...

Not exactly what you asked, but -- I can't see them in Firefox. I always could in the past, but couldn't yesterday (and can't today).

dp said...

No for Firefox in XP.

dp said...

And if I click where the picture should be I get the following message from Picasa:

Unable to find user with email 1029291144118

What are you writing the blog in? I wrote a post in IE once in a moment of desperation and it did crazy things with the pictures...

Daun said...

Hi all.

It seems to break down like this:

Safari: Worky
IE: Worky
FF on Mac: No worky
Google Chrome: No worky
FF 3 on my XP: Worky
FF ? on DP's XP: No worky

This started on April 11 and it is affecting both of my blogs. I am not sure what the problem is, but I suspect something on Picasa (who hosts the images for Blogger by default).

I use Blogo (a little app for the Mac) to write the blog. It automagically uploads images to my Picasa account.

I am not thrilled with it so if someone can recommend a new client, let me know. I am considering converting to WordPress over this. I have had enough of Blogger.

dp said...

FF3 on XP on all *3* of dp's machines (all on different connections): No Worky

I host my own blog pictures on flickr and just link to the photo URL (not the photo page URL). Works great, loads fast, all that good stuff. For pictures that I have stolen from elsewhere I upload to blogger, but they don't go to Picasa -- they have a blogger URL.

Daun said...

Yea I used to host on flickr, even though they specifically say you should not link directly to the pic, but to the page. But with Blogo, the workflow is easier to let it manage my images. I think I might be switching though.

The latest news is that Blogo says it's a Google problem and they are looking into it. Stupid Google!

Funder said...

I'm on Camino 1.6.7 on OSX (Yes, I still haven't gotten around to switching to FF!) and I can see pictures just fine. However, when I click on a picture to see it larger, I get dp's error message.

They can't be cached either; I can see the chicklins :D

dp said...

I also don't see them in your feed. No chicklins for the penguin.

Daun said...

Hey guys, looks like the pics are fixed, but I had to clear my browser cache to get them to work.

Give it a try and report:
"worky" or "no worky"

Heila said...

FF on Linux. Cleared browser cache, still no worky.

Funder said...

The plot thickens, Daun. I just got mad at Camino endlessly hanging and switched to Firefox. I can see the chicklins. I dunno!