Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Up?

Ask me "What's up?" Go ahead, ask me.


Peas! Peas are up! The first real veggie sown directly outdoors showed up this weekend. And, lo, carrots are also up.

So I planted some more today. Onions, carrots, more peas, more potatoes, turnips. I transplanted cucumbers and pumpkins. It might be early, be the forecast is for HOT, and they were getting root bound in their seed trays. So out they went.

Yesterday, in between getting ready for the show and lessons and bathing the International Horse of Mystery, I wired the greenhouse fan to turn on when needed, based upon a thermostat. Too little too late, the 90 degree record temps fried some spinach, cilantro, and tomato seedlings. Oh well, we'll plant some more.

Lots of work is getting done around the farm, the barn roof is almost finished and it looks awesome! Some drainage work is being done to clear out the spot I hope to use as a compost. The sacrifice areas got more stone dust, leaves got raked, fencing got repaired.

And now, the farm is starting to look presentable. The house is a complete disaster. So off to clean the house. You can call me fat, but you can't call me lazy. :)


sylvia said...

You're NOT fat, you're beautiful!
Glad some of your seedlngs are up! That's exciting. Sorry about the fried seedlings! It was in the mid 90's here...yesterday and today.
So.Not.A.Lover.Of.Heat. Get me out of this gawdforsaken state!!!

Daun said...

We're trying to get you out of there. When are you moving up here?

Aiken gets hot, you know.

Serena said...

I planted 4 cilantro seeds, and one of them is up! :)
I know, not as impressive as your efforts. But hey, i'm a condo dweller.