Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

I am at the tail end of Day 2 of Logginpalooza 2009. The first day involved a lot of training and building of a road for the machinery to move the logs out. Today we were missing one key player, my uphill neighbor. He shall be back tomorrow. Still, the downhill neighbor and we managed to drop quite a few trees.

The clearing is opening up nicely and already the place looks so much better. We have three enormous brush piles that we are going to get a permit to light tonight. In general, the procedure has been to drop the tree, limb in place, drag the trunks out to a clearing for the neighbors to deal with later (they are keeping the wood in exchange for their free labor and expertise), build the brush pile, repeat.

My new saw is a beast and I love it. It's already outperformed my old Poulin by 10000% (approximately). It's a got a 20 in bar on it so it's a bit heavy for my girly, computer nerd arms, but I am able to wield it as needed. Everyone has been very safe and I still have all my limbs.

The plan is to continue logging through Friday or Saturday. Then we will rebuild the fence and let the horses back out, if we can clean it up enough to be safe. The property will be destumped and graded in the next few months, once I can save up enough money.

Cuty cuty


Limby Limby


Funder said...

Rawr! You're awesome :) What'd the horses think of this nonsense?

Word verification: fookem (I am not making that up.)

Serena said...

I HATED my Poulin also! Worst. Saw. Ever. They just have NO horse power, no pun intended. :)
My word verification, and i SWEAR i am not making it up, is "ialogr." heh.

wolfandterriers said...

A 20" bar? Dang!! I'm so getting a Husqvarna, but I want a smaller bar for maneuverability. Keep all your parts intact! :)