Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Carnage Continues

Day 4 of logging has completed. Everyone is sore and exhausted but otherwise unharmed. We have one more full day tomorrow where we clean up the corner around the barn and take out a few trees shading the garden.

In five full twelve-hour days, this team of four will not even come close to completing the 1 acre clearing. There are still about 30 trees to go in the two far corners. However, I am very pleased. Wherever you see brown dirt in the picture, imagine tall green grass. That is how it will look in a year.

My Husq chainsaw has been a complete workhorse, chewing up everything I threw at it. It has not quit a single time on me, unlike the Poulin's constant quitting every minute or so. I love my chainsaw, but at the end if this week, I hope to not see it for awhile.

Saturday we will rake and continue cleaning up so it will be safe for horses. Then the fence will go back up in some form, and the horses can get out of their sacrifice paddocks for a week or so. There's some talk of coming back in a month and finishing the back. I am not sure yet how it will go.

After my twelve hour logging shift, I have also been tending the garden. The potatoes got hilled and mulched, the beans and corn are up, and some things got weeded.

Now I am off to take Brego for a quiet walk through the woods to ease his boredom and stretch his legs.

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I think I might have taken a picture or two of you when you jumped the crosscountry at the horseshow last Sunday. If you would like me to send them you may reach me at

Happy trails!