Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Spring Weekend

More slow thaw on the homestead. I can actually see part of my lawn for the first time in, oh, three months. It's quite exciting.

Today was Greenhouse Work Day. More painting of the frames and sealing of the foundation boards which will be in contact with the soil. I opted out of Pressure Treated timbers for obvious reasons. I also glued the PVC ribs together.

I found another good use for the tractor.

PVC ribs

There's only a few more things I can do on the greenhouse, like screen the doors and predrill some holes, before the Big Greenhouse Raising Day. I am not sure when that will be since there is still over a foot of snow on the intended site. But we're supposed to get five straight days of sunny, mid 40s - 50s weather which could very well take care of the rest of the snow. Of course, it could then dump another 6 inches on us before the next weekend, but I will have my fingers crossed.

Gratuitous cute dog shot. Gotta love those ears.

The sick chicken may not be sick after all. She is baffling me with her runny nose and complete lack of other symptoms. I asked around on BackYardChickens and they appear baffled as well. Maybe allergies? Regardless, she won't be contributing to the next generation, that's for sure. But I hate to cull a chicken who is actually fine, just because. Plus, she's our best layer. So she gets another week in isolation to see how it goes. She's actually adjusting well to being a basement chicken and is very social. I hate it when animals I am supposed to kill are cute. :)

I also set up the brooder because next weekend, if all goes well, I will be picking up some day old chicks at the ChickenSwap. More cute animals on the way! These chicks will be layers, so I am allowed to get attached to them, right? I am hoping for some Speckled Sussex pullets which will make a nice contribution to the sustainable homestead flock.


Funder said...

Eeeears! Love those bat ears. Can't wait to see what the greenhouse looks like when it's up.

Bev said...

I meant to post a comment after your Freeloader #1 entry, but never got around to it. Back in the late '70s, my brother had a Pharoah Hound. "Diana" was a wonderfully sweet dog.

Austen said...

Glad to hear your chicken is doing well! Er, better? Er, maybe not sick?

Here's our level of sustainable cooking: While out with the crazy Sonka-dog, picked handfuls of Wild Garlic to use for dinner. Wild Garlic + Lime zest + lime juice + oil + pepper + vodka = AMAZING MARINADE. I highly recommend it.

Now, back to plotting a planter with tomatoes in it for our balcony ;)

Daun said...

Funder and Bev,
Thanks. I do love that spoiled dog.

Sounds like you need another blog post about your marinade!

And how your tomatoes are going!