Sunday, March 8, 2009

Greenhouse Progress

My beloved sister drove down from Maine to help with the framing of the greenhouse. The three of us were able to finish all the flashing, the exhaust fan framing, build the doors, sand the frames and then prime for painting.

Whew. Now I need a beer.

I will never - ever - complain about the cost of food again. That's a lot of work!

So we now need to finish painting, build the ribs, screen the doors, grade the site, seal the ground boards and put the whole thing together. Probably two more weekends.

And, in very good news, we finally found a local farmer who is going to sell us his "discards" from processing chicken, turkey and pork for $0.50/lb. I am so grateful for his generosity. We were really struggling with the cost to feed the dogs, and had even talked recently about (the shame) going back to a processed food.

Without further ado, the pictures:

I am not sure why I look so weird...

Picture of the frame (for DP).

The back frame and three doors.

Front frame, louver fans on either side of the double doors.


sylvia said...

You don't look weird! I like your carhartt bibs ;)

Glad your sister could help you out! It's really coming together!

dp said...


I have pretty much decided on a Kubota BX24, which is much the same thing as your New Holland I think. Sometime this week I will go to bargain for one, looking for 0% financing on 30% down. Soon I hope to be posting gratuitous pictures of my own.

Daun said...

You are too kind. I look like I have a stick up my ass!

Yep the BX24 is nice nice. Are you getting the backhoe as well? We opted out because of my neighbor's tractor has the backhoe. We did get the huge pasture mower (for one day when I have a pasture) and we're getting the post hole digger and logger forks (for making the pasture).

The BX24 is a nice ride. It will be great to see how the two brands do with our sample size of 2.

dp said...

I am undecided about the backhoe...we'll see how the pricing works out. I'm not sure how much use we would make of it, but if the price with/without isn't considerably different then it would probably come in handy. We already have a 48" brush cutter for the pasture, but I do want a post hole auger and will be negotiating that as part of the deal. I'll keep you posted. N of 2 is better than N of 1!

Daun said...

DP, You are getting a good deal. The backhoe made a big difference on our tractor, near $3k. We opted out, for now.

dp said...

Uh oh. They are now offering the Massey GC series for about $3K off if you pay with cash at our local dealer. I can do that. Decisions, decisions.

Daun said...

DP, Uhoh indeed. Definitely worth a look. I haven't heard much about the Massy. The only thing I would look into, in this weird time, is if the company looks solid. Big rebates might signal some desperation.

There are no Massy dealers around here and I don't know anyone who owns one so maybe they are a bit rare? I don't know.

Good luck and I can't wait to see whatever you pick out!