Sunday, March 29, 2009


As in done, finished, over, past, completed.

The greenhouse is fini.

I would be happy except I am so past the point of enjoying the greenhouse that I want a full week of not thinking about the greenhouse, not looking at the greenhouse. Then I am sure I will enjoy it.

For the final push, we asked one or two friends to help and we had six arrive, including my sister. A true team effort. Sometimes, mostly when I am sick of the greenhouse, I lose sight of the goal. I have a wonderful circle of friends who support my crazy ideas and endeavors, and they arrived (with beer!) to help with the final touches.

We tarped the long side, installed the doors, installed the fan, installed the louvers. It was a warm, beautiful day and even with the screen doors fully open, it was HOT in the greenhouse. All was good.

Later that night, I realized we installed the louvers backwards. No big deal, just need to pop them out and turn them around. Should take ten minutes...

So today we began the last day of work on the greenhouse. Three hours later, we're standing in the rain, trying to screw in door hardware and the slimy, wet plastic coating for the doors. Definitely not going well. But after much swearing and repeated vows to "never again", we got it done.


The greenhouse is a small first step in a long journey towards a successful farm, but it's finally behind us. I underestimated how long it would take to build, how many precious hours of my nights and weekends would be spent measuring, cutting, painting, hammering, sawing, nailing, tying, screwing, and oh god, painting some more when I really should be conditioning my horse. It's a good lesson. When you work full time in addition to the farm, the "cheapest" solution is the one that takes the least amount of time, even if it costs more.

But that's all behind us.

It's done.

The chickens enjoy the sun as Odie presides over the hens.

Front view with the double doors. Screened here, but now have plastic coverings as well.

Wow, it looks like a real greenhouse!

Back view before the door was installed, the metal is the cover for the exhaust fan.

Inside looking north towards the front.

Looking south towards the back.



sylvia said...

in my best borat voice..."very nice"

Looks great! Love the last picture. That sweatshirt however, is going to wear out eventually. ;)

Most importantly, I want to know what kind of beer you had? :)

Daun said...

Sylvia, Thanks!

That poor sweatshirt. There's some talk of replacing it, but it will be tough. I am going to wear it until it falls off.

As for beer... My friends know to only bring me Long Trail.

Andrea said...

Daun, it looks great!! I can't wait to see the pics of it full of growing green stuff! :D

Sarah said...

I want one!

dp said...

Phew. Makes me tired just reading about it. Huge congratulations! We practice flyball in one that's about 150 feet long by 40 feet wide. I know they put it up themselves, so I can't even imagine how much work that was.

David and I gutted and renovated our first house by ourselves while working full time. It took a year of our free time and probably five years off of our lives (nearly forty years off David's life a few times when I almost murdered him). Now I am pretty keen on paying people to do things for me. Even if I spend would-be renovation time putting in extra hours at my real job, I am well ahead both psychologically and financially. Hope you are enjoying the greenhouse again by this time next week.

Daun said...

Thanks! I want to see it full of green stuff, too. Soon, but still a bit more work.

You can have one! This is the true greenhouse for the people. :)

Yea, I don't love my job enough to want to work extra hours. I can't wait until I get home so I can putter around the farm. I really need to find a way to be independently wealthy so I can play. I screwed up on the marriage thing. First time's for love, second time's for money, right?