Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The seeds I sowed a week ago are growing so fast. The package says 7-14 days to germinate, but we saw life after three days. I guess the numbers are for outside temps.

We've been very busy around the farm. We've been moving yards of gravel and stone dust to make a sacrifice paddock for the horses before their pasture turns to muck with the thaw. The tractor makes quick work of moving materials, but it's hard to see even with the side lights at night. I wanted to grade for the greenhouse, but still a bit too much snow.

No complaints though. We are deep in the throes of mud season which is the rite of passage out of Winter and into Spring.

The baby seedlings give me hope and inspire me to work until 10 pm every night to prepare a good home for them, and the rest of the critters on the farm. The little sprouts all look so similar, so neonatal.

I sowed another tray today, half spinach and half broccoli. Tired, but happy.

Tray full of life

Brussels Sprouts




Austen said...

SPINACH AND BROCCOLI! I can't go a week without these two things ... I'm so glad your seedlings are doing well.

We bought some great pots earlier this week. Tomorrow I'm planning on seeding them with cherry tomatoes and lots of herbs. The boy has also promised me a Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree for my birthday. What a gift, eh?

Thanks for the link to my soup!

Andrea said...

I just made an omelette with spinach and broccoli, I'm not even kidding you!!

Aaaah, life! You must be a lot snowier/wetter than we are... haven't seen rain/snow in almost two weeks and the paddocks are all BONE DRY, which is crazy. Now we are actually starting to NEED some rain with the grass coming up!