Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Harvest

It finally happened. I made food!

Today we harvested Kale from the greenhouse. We carefully cut away the outside leaves of the plant and leaving the rest to grow more. In total, we collected 3/4 lb (340 grams, 12 oz) of Kale. That's a lot of Kale!!

The Kale was tender and delicious raw, and tasted like most brassicas. I can't wait to savor it cooked. The celebratory dish is a soup made from homemade lamb stock, chorizo, corn, onion and, of course, Kale. The chorizo was purchased locally at a farmer's market.

The spinach in the greenhouse is also looking about right, so I am looking forward to some fresh spinach later in the week. I've also started my rotation of lettuces. It should be 30 days to baby greens so I have a rotation of romaine, mesclune, flame lettuce, spinach, and other greens going in the green house. We should be in fresh salads nearly everyday later in the summer.

To help things along in the outdoor garden, my neighbor came over and taught me how to fell a large maple that was eclipsing the morning sun. He also sharpened my saw with a nifty power tool. I learned a lot, namely that felling trees is crazy dangerous work, but we will begin reaping the benefits on the garden tomorrow morning.

Like all endeavors worth doing, there's so much to do. But tonight I will finally begin to savor the fruits of my labor. Bon App├ętit!


dp said...

We haven't even planted here yet (tomorrow's the day) but I have so much freakin' rhubarb it's unbelievalbe. I can't believe they are selling the stuff for $3.99/lb in the grocery store. I love rhubarb, but there is only so much one woman can eat. I like kale too.

Funder said...

Those are some happy looking plants. I have never had kale! I'll try it if I ever see it for sale. Chorizo is SO good, om nom nom.

jenj said...

Care to share your soup recipe?


Andrea said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. As I sit here and state at the lone sweet potato on my plate, I feel the jealousy rumbling in my stomch...

But one of our boarders did bring in a brie today, so I feel a bit better about it. Brie and a sweet potato... that's a good healthy day.