Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kicking the Kids Out

My Speckled Sussex chicks are six weeks old and it's time for them to go to college. That is, get those stinky dinosaurs out of my basement!

We constructed a temporary chicken pen out of horse stock panels that will be their home away from home until they are big enough to be integrated with the existing adult flock, about four months. The pen has shelter, roosts, a heat lamp, and is surrounded by hot electric tape.

My Wyandottes and Cuckoo Marans are four weeks old and will be joining the Speckled Sussex sometime this week. I am hoping I can integrate the two young flocks successfully so they can band up before I let them out with the adults. In the meantime, they get acclimated to a New England spring and summer, get to scratch around on the ground, and generally start their lives as real outdoor chickens.

Speckled Sussex pullet.

Four week olds in their brooder.

Parrot and Oreo hanging out on the edge of the brooder.

The edge of the brooder is a popular resting spot. They never leave it, just turn around and jump back in.

Darth Maul on my shoulder. This chick will fly out of the brooder to land on you and go to sleep. This one is a keeper, regardless of sex (but I think it's a she!)


Funder said...

You know how I feel about adorably ugly pullets! XD

Is your basement really painted lime green? At least the chicklins won't be surprised by the colors of the outside world...

Daun said...

One room of the basement, which used to be a little girl's play room is lime green and hot pink. Yea, it's rad.

Funder said...

It has a Christmas tree in it too! What fun :)

Serena said...

OMG, teenage chickens look COMPLETELY goofy!