Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Long

I am a bad blogger. It's been way too long since a decent update. I got home today and grabbed the camera. So here we are in May... things are growing, there is hope.

First, we got two fruit trees from the county extension: A Champ Black Cherry and a Quincy Garnet Beauty Peach. They don't look like much now, but they are going to be spectacular additions to the homestead.

Plants in the greenhouse are very happy. Plants outside are not so much. We got fish emulsion fertilizer to help things along since we lost a winter's worth of compost.

I am way behind in my planting. I need to plant seed to replace my fried herbs, my next salad green rotation, more peas, more beans, more... everything.

The Quincy peach.

Signs of spring in the peach.

The Champ cherry.

Asparagus is UP!!!

Strawberries donated by a friend in their new home.

Greenhouse Kale. Very happy Kale.

Greenhouse spinach.

Greenhouse Broccoli.

A permanent resident of the greenhouse. Please leave name suggestions in the comments.

A feral strawberry patch near the terrace in the front yard.

A Japanese Maple. Just wait until the fall on this one. Stunning.

A big bumble bee visits the Azaleas.


sylvia said...

beautiful!your plants look beautiful! a hint for your strawberries that i learned as a patch built good character!)
use bobbie pins to guide your shoots where you want them to take root. they work great!

Funder said...

Damn, I got all excited - I forgot the fate of the herbs and I thought you'd, like, tempura fried some baby herbs and had them for dinner and doesn't that sound like a great idea? Might be brilliant!

Anyway, everything looks great! I like the Champ Stick :3

Serena said...

Ribbit! I call everything vaguely froggish either Ribbit or Admiral Ackbar.