Friday, May 22, 2009


More pictures of the farm today. I believe that we are heading fast and furious into summer. Today was the second day up into the 80s F (mid 20s C) and all the animals were feeling the heat. The natural spring which has fed the water trough through the depths of winter is little more than a steady drip. I can't believe I am saying this considering soggy last week, but I am hoping for rain tomorrow. I've watered the greenhouse twice today and outdoors garden has a sprinkler on it now.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend, everyone.

Summer chicken coop

Coop and horses hiding in the shade

The wee chicklins enjoying their new outdoor home

It's a hard life. Notice the snoozer in the middle.

Sleepy chicklin.

Greenhouse in full sun, thankfully.

The East lawn.

The back porch, where I will be enjoying cerveza this weekend.

Critters abound on the farm, witness Busy Bee and Mr. Toad.

Champ's Cherry is growing like gangbusters

The previous occupants were fans of hostas and this pretty groundcover

Chickenistas enjoy the sun during their daily sunbath.

South lawn looking towards the barn.

The barn is small, but I love it. The rock wall with ferns makes the look.

Next month's salad.


dp said...

So...uh...the chickens don't run away?

Daun said...

What, and leave all this??